Wish List and Existing Capability for Simulated Maps

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This page is meant to be a clearinghouse for requirements (desires?) for simulated maps and existing resources/capabilities for producing such maps

Created, 18Oct16

Wish List

  • Full-sky Healpix-pixelized maps at NSIDE=8192 (~0.4 arcmin resolution)
  • At least 8 frequency bands
  • Lensed CMB, Unlensed CMB, Kappa maps
  • Lots more...

Existing Resources / Capabilities

Peak Patch Extragalactic Sky Model

Nov 16 2016 CITA group Dick, Marcelo, & George + Nick

We have developed a massively parallel LSS simulation pipeline for forecasting and application to upcoming experiments and surveys such as CMB-S4, DESI, and LSST.

The pipeline produces light cone halo catalogs and full-sky simulated observations suitable for data covariance determination by direct Monte Carlo, and includes beyond standard model (BSM) effects such as non-Gaussian initial conditions and evolving dark energy and undergoing continuous development for BSM effects.

Current data products and capabilities

500 simulated full sky light cones (Healpix format)

Full sky maps:

  • Cluster/Group tSZ Effect (500 Compton y-maps)
  • Cluster/Group kSZ Effect (500 dT/T maps)

Can be simulated given specs (e.g. nu, flux cut, cosmo parameters):

  • Optical galaxy redshift catalogs for a given survey HOD
  • CIB maps at 100-2000 GHz for various models in literature
  • Light cones with specified resolution and survey geometries

Performance and computational resources

  • Full-sky catalogs take ~10 min each on 128 Scinet-GPC nodes, or ~20 node-hours
  • Full suite of 500 runs took ~1e4 node-hours, or ~2 days wall-clock
  • Map projection is a negligible fraction of computational cost


  • The tSZ and kSZ maps use halo profiles obtained from hydrodynamical simulations (BBPS 2012 and Battaglia 2016)
  • So far the current CIB maps designed only for cross correlation work with clusters. The SED and profiles come from Planck CIB model
  • The current optical HOD model is analogous to the one used for BOSS mocks


TSZ panels.png

Figure 1 - 504 full-sky Compton y-maps generated with our simulation pipeline

Fullsky 6panel.png

Figure 2 - Montage of a single multi-wavelength realization of the extragalactic sky

Data files

Data files are located on NERSC at /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/extra-galactic

Nov 16th - tSZ fullsky. 40 realizations at nside=4096, 5 realizations at nside-8192

Kappa, kSZ coming soon