Vansyngel Model

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Dec 8 2017, Clem Pryke

Flavien Vansyngel has kindly provided a set of files for a new model based on arxiv/1611.02577. This model includes dust and synchrotron components and becomes CMB-S4 model 09.

Here are plots comparing the full sky to Planck and PySM model a2d4f1s3 (CMB-S4 model 02) in a similar style to previous posting Checking PySM maps. (These plots are in Healpix Q/U convention and can be compared to Planck 2015 paper I fig 8. Planck has been downgraded all the way to nside=16 to suppress noise while the other plots are for nside=512.) We see that PySM follows Planck much more closely on the largest scales.

171208 f1a.gif 171208 f1b.gif 171208 f1c.gif

Of course what we are interested in for CMB-S4 is the behavior in clean regions off the galactic plane.