UMICH-2015: Simulations & Data Analysis Summary

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What needs to be in the S&DA section of the CMB-S4 Science Book?

What S&DA do we need to do to support the science sections of the CMB-S4 Science Book?

Action Items

S&DA in Science Book

  • Scope goals & requirements at each mission epoch (design, construction, deployment, observation)
    • Populate resource surveys
      • Software
      • Computing
    • Identify common interest groups
  • Sky Modeling
    • Initiate working group
    • Post-Planck Sky Model (PPSM): move PSM-2015 main branch to git repository
    • Investigate coupling to hydrodynamical sims for extragalactic foregrounds
  • TOD Processing (Simulation, Pre-Processing & Map-Making)
    • Schedule birds of a feather session adjacent to Berkeley meeting
  • Interfaces & Pipelines
    • Define standard data objects/formats
      • Consider computational constraints
      • Consider coupling to data acquisitions systems
      • Consider synergies with existing S3 (analysis tools) & proposed satellites (forecasting)

Science Book Forecasting

  • Initiate working group
  • Collect science needs to ensure inputs meet requirements
  • Define a small set of sky models spanning our hopes and fears
  • Define a small set of our favorite mission configurations to investigate
    • Decide how these are parameterized (need to go beyond white noise level, beam size & sky fraction)
      • Spectral domain: (effective) N_ell informed by existing experiments
      • Time domain: can we define a mission model that would produce informative results?
  • Extend/combine existing Fisher-based forecasting tools and apply to these to the set of sky/mission pairs.
    • Build on Victor's extension of BKP

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