UMICH-2015: Response to Inflation Action Items

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Action Items: updated list, with names (November 2, 2015)

  • Start writing (making a strong case for r): RF and SS will get started right away.
  • Study prospects for r and nt for various configurations and values of r (Fisher matrix forecasts including foregrounds that will feed into more detailed simulations) -- RF
  • Study possibility to establish departure from scale invariance even for extended parameters space for both S3 and S4 -- RF
  • Quantify improvements on other inflationary observables (running, non-Gaussianity, etc. while varying neutrino mass/Neff) -- RF
  • Given the improvements on fNL, are there interesting models that CMB S4 could see hints for (e.g. modulated reheating): Joel Meyers
  • Quantify dependence of error bars on lmin

File:Tauvslmin.pdf File:Xe.pdf 500px

  • Think about science drivers that would affect design of experiment (e.g. absolute calibration of polarization angles) -- ?
  • Isocurvature forecasts -- no obvious targets, but there should be some quantification. How to parameterize? -- Julien Lesgourgues