UMICH-2015: Neutrino and Light Relativisic Species

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The goals of the Neutrino and Light Relativisic Species sessions are to:

  • Discuss theoretically well-motivated models (or parameterizations) and existing constraints
  • Identify important targets (e.g. ΔNeff > 0.02 for a thermal relic or Mν>58 meV from neutrino oscillations)
  • Discuss observational signatures and possible degeneracies
  • Establish observational requirements or areas for further investigation

Session Organizers:

  • Coordinator: Akito Kusaka & Dan Green
  • Moderators:
    • break-out session 1: George Fuller
    • break-out session 2: Marilena Loverde
    • break-out session 3: Alex Friedland

Break-out sessions:

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