UMICH-2015: Instrumentation II

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The goals of the Instrumentation II sessions are:

  • To provide input for a NASA-style traceability matrix: instrument requirements flow down from the science goals, and we are still thinking big on those. In this session we won't be defining the scope of the science goals nor the final optimization of the instrument suite.
  • To identify and describe classes of instrumental requirements of interest -- beam size and sensitivity and frequency reach, but also I --> Q leakage effects, stability measures, scan and survey abilities, sidelobes, and other systematic effects. Specifically the goal is to make connections for forecasters to use, which requires specifying means to quantify effects that are, to the extent possible, based on empirical data.
  • To agree on plans for next steps, including milestones.

Session Organizers:

  • Coordinator: Suzanne Staggs
  • Moderators:
    • break-out session 1: Steve Padin
    • break-out session 2: Jeff McMahon

Break-out sessions:

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