UMICH-2015: Inflation

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Session Organizers:

  • Coordinators: Lloyd Knox
  • Moderators:
    • break-out session 1: Jo Dunkley
    • break-out session 2: Raphael Flauger
    • break-out session 3: Sarah Shandera

Action Items (from end of Michigan meeting)

  • Start writing (making a strong case for r)
  • Study prospects for r and nt for various configurations and values of r (Fisher matrix forecasts including foregrounds that will feed into more detailed simulations)
  • Study possibility to establish departure from scale invariance even for extended parameters space for both S3 and S4
  • Quantify improvements on other inflationary observables (running, non-Gaussianity, etc. while varying neutrino mass/Neff)
  • Given the improvements on fNL, are there interesting models that CMB S4 could see hints for (e.g. modulated reheating)
  • Quantify dependence of error bars on lmin
  • Think about science drivers that would affect design of experiment (e.g. absolute calibration of polarization angles)

Some questions we may want to address / items for discussion:

  • It would probably be useful to have a review of the assumptions made for the Snowmass forecasting.
  • What are key aspects of that forecasting that should be improved?
  • What theoretical model spaces should we consider for forecasting? That is, what parameters that are nuisances from an inflation standpoint, should we include?
  • The Snowmass document is pretty thin in terms of specific forecasts for constraints on non-Gaussianity. What should we add?
  • How will progress on non-Gaussianity constraints compare to what will be happening with galaxy surveys? How are they complementary?
  • How will CMB-S4 lensing in particular help with non-Gaussianity studies from LSS surveys?
  • Would CMB-S4 help at all with curvature, given DESI BAO? Maybe by helping to distinguish between neutrino mass and/or variation from w = -1?

Break-out sessions:

Response to Action Items

Response to Inflation Action Items

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