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==Delensing Details==
==Delensing Details==
Blake, ~10 min
Blake, ~10 min
#Delensing intro
#Delensing intro
#*When is delensing necessary?
#*When is delensing necessary?

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Blake - CMB delensing, CMB lensing cross correlated with galaxy surveys, CMB lensing cross correlated with optical weak lensing, parameter forecasts, instrument requirements, survey requirements, systematic challenges (20 min)

Delensing Details

Blake, ~10 min Attach:delensDetails.pdf

  1. Delensing intro
    • When is delensing necessary?
    • Can external delensing contribute anything?
    • With delensing, is it worth having different noise levels on two different experiments (high and low-resolution)?
  2. Algorithms - Quadratic Estimator / Iterative / Sampling
    • What is the best algorithm to use?
  3. Systematics and Delensing
    • Dust foregrounds and sources - how do they propagate through the delensing procedure? How much do they matter?
    • Instrumental systematics, higher order biases, LSS non-Gaussianity - any concerns for delensing?
  4. Analysis of Delensed Maps
    • What are the statistical and noise properties of the delensed maps? How to construct likelihoods?

CMB Lensing Cross-correlations

Blake, ~10 min

  1. weak lensing calibration: cross-correlations with LSST / Euclid weak lensing
    • how precise are the correlations?
    • is this level of multiplicative bias calibration interesting?
    • are intrinsic alignments a limiting factor?
  2. clustering from correlations with DESI/Euclid/LSST data
    • how well can biases be modeled and constrained?
    • can dark matter clustering be recovered sufficiently cleanly to, e.g., detect neutrino mass?
    • what are the key science drivers in extragalactic astrophysics?
  3. other surveys
    • would overlap with external datasets gain from a northern site?

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