UChicago-2020: Transient Universe

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Exploiting the mm-wave window on the Transient Universe, Nathan Whitehorn and Kate Alexander
CMB-S4 will open a new window onto the mm-wave transient sky, enabling new synergies with multimessenger astrophysics and time-domain astronomy in the coming decade. This session will be devoted to exploring those synergies and the survey landscape in the coming decade.

  • Tanmoy Laskar: Millimeter-band GRBs (15 min)
  • Sam Guns: Transients in SPT (15 min)
  • Kristina Nyland: Catching Compact AGN Jets at Cosmic Noon in Radio Time Domain Surveys (15 min)
  • Marcos Santander: Multimessenger Astrophysics in CMB-S4 (15 min)
  • All: Discussion (20 min)