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** Your idea here!
** Your idea here!
** Slide deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19_5iFfVxFRBsrKv6FAKtxh6kmyOdxcdfnE6UEhJvv6c/edit?usp=sharing
* '''Slide deck:''' https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19_5iFfVxFRBsrKv6FAKtxh6kmyOdxcdfnE6UEhJvv6c/edit?usp=sharing
== Notes ==
== Notes ==
Real-time notes on [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fAU8F_yX0T2-cyLixeDJqnWQBHWWcEDLkpNKU3tZYHM/edit?usp=sharing this Google doc].
Real-time notes on [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fAU8F_yX0T2-cyLixeDJqnWQBHWWcEDLkpNKU3tZYHM/edit?usp=sharing this Google doc].

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Synergies of Large Scale Structure Surveys with CMB-S4, Simone Ferraro, Chihway Chang, and Risa Wechsler
We will focus on the synergies of combining tracers of large scale structure as measured at radio through X-ray wavelengths with the wide-field CMB-S4 survey, which will cover ~70% of the sky. We are particularly interested in exploring cosmological analyses that can only be done via the combination of multi-wavelength probes or that are significantly improved through the use of multiple probes (e.g., Nx2 pt, kSZ cosmology, CMB lensing tomography, cosmic shear/WL calibration, cluster cosmology, etc).

Connection Details

Zoom: tbd

Time/Date: 10:00am - 11:30am Pacific Time / August 11, 2020

Rapporteurs/Organizers: Simone Ferraro, Chihway Chang, and Risa Wechsler


  • Chihway Chang: Introduction (10 min)
  • Andrina Nicola: N x 2pt analysis (10 min)
  • Emmanuel Schaan: kSZ + tSZ cosmology (10 min)
  • Srini Raghunathan + Chun-Hao To: LSS-clusters connection (10 min)
  • Marcelo Alvarez, Yuuki Omori, Patricia Larsen: Correlated simulations update (10 min)
  • All: Discussion (30 min)
    • Systematics
    • Future simulations needs
    • Cooperation with external surveys
    • Things we've missed
    • Your idea here!


Real-time notes on this Google doc.