UCSD 2019 Fireslides 1

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  1. Eric Linder, Guilherme Brando - Reconstructing the Primordial Power Spectrum File:LinderInflFreeS4.pdf
  2. Aritoki Suzuki - Improving Frequency Multiplexing (fmux) Readout, Work on deployable module File:2019 10 17 CMBS4FireSlideFmuxmKSQUIDSuzuki.pdf
  3. Andrea Zonca - PySM 3: Sky models for CMB experiments, File:PySM 3.0 fireslide.pdf
  4. Hannes Hubmayr - Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors with Negligible 1/f Noise File:Hubmayr mkid 1overf free.pdf
  5. Zhilei Xu - Galaxy X Compton y-map with ACT and DES [Slide]
  6. Maria Salatino - The AliCPT 1 telescope File:CMB-S4 UCSD Salatino fireslide.pdf
  7. Kevin Huffenberger - Florida State University activities File:FSU activity.pdf
  8. Brenna Flaugher - What you need to know about the DOE Instrumentation Basic Research Needs Process File:BRN-Fireslide-flaugher.pdf
  9. Michael Snow - A Big Heat Switch for Big Cryostats File:Fireslide A Big Heat Switch for Big Cryostats.pdf
  10. Grant Teply - UCSD Lab Tour File:20191017 lab tour.pdf
  11. Sebastian Wagner-Carena - Hierarchical Generalized Morphological Component Analysis File:HGMCA fireslide.pdf
  12. Selim Hotinli - Utilising the moving lens effect for cosmology
  13. Kimmy Wu, Federico Bianchini - SPTpol 500 sq. deg Lensing Power Spectrum and Cosmological Parameters File:Lens500d slide parameters.pdf