UCSD-2019: Technical Working Group: Modules & Testing

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  1. Identify key decisions that must be made (and justified) prior to CD-1,
  2. Make progress on (or actually make) those decisions,
  3. Lay out a timeline and process for making each decision, consistent with the post-decision work and internal reviews that will be needed to complete preparations for CD-1,
  4. Ensure that those timelines and processes are understood and supported by the collaboration, and that we (together) believe we can follow them.

Agenda (2 hours total)

  1. Overview and Phase 2 Task Report (Brad B, 30-min) slides
    1. Focus on recommended detector R&D testing plan
    2. Challenges of supporting multiple readout technologies
    3. Timeline for R&D testing support
  2. Module and wiring overview for three readout technologies (45-min total)
    1. Overview of module design elements for each technology; interfaces within module, interfaces to module (in particular wiring), challenges to scalability to S4
    2. tMUX (Lorenzo M., 15-min) Slides: [1], Slide 13 here: File:CMB-S4 TDM Status (San Diego 2019).pdf
    3. fMUX (Toki S., 15-min) start slide 16: [[2]]
    4. uMUX (Shawn H. for H. McCarrick, 15-min) [[3]] File:CMB-S4 Detector Module template (San Diego 2019) - umux.pdf
  3. Module R&D (Adam A, 15-min) File:20191016 s4 sandiego modules rd.pdf
    1. Description of current module R&D activities, additional module R&D activities between now and CD-1
  4. Discussion (All, 30-min)
    1. Whiteboard discussion of perceived decisions that need to be made by CD1 (April 2021)
    2. What module R&D do we need to do between now and CD1?
    3. What detector testing do we need to support for detector development efforts
    4. Implementing a detector R&D testing plan; cryostat requirements, availability, needed input, etc.



Remote attendance

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