UCSD-2019: Technical Working Group: LATs

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Address the following topics:

 Conceptual design
 Preliminary design for 3a
 Major decisions: 
   (i) Whether to reuse the Simons Observatory and CCAT-prime telescopes;
   (ii) Whether 2 or 3 LATs will be used in Chile, informed by what receiver design will be implemented;
   (iii) Which LAT optics design (CD vs. TMA) and aperture will be selected for the South Pole;
   (iv) Partial boresight rotation or full boresight rotation for the South Pole LAT;
   (v) Receiver design or designs;
   (vi) Monolithic mirrors and/or ground screens for some or all LATs


Thurs, Oct 17 - Large auditorium

Remote attendance

Zoom link