UCSD-2019: Technical Working Group: Detectors

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  1. Identify key decisions that must be made (and justified) prior to CD-1,
  2. Make progress on (or actually make) those decisions,
  3. Lay out a timeline and process for making each decision, consistent with the post-decision work and internal reviews that will be needed to complete preparations for CD-1,
  4. Ensure that those timelines and processes are understood and supported by the collaboration, and that we (together) believe we can follow them.
  • what decisions need need to be made before CD-1
  • what information need to be collected to make people comfortable to make this decision
    • 10 general input that project requested
  • how to make decision
  • time line

Agenda (2 hours total)

  1. (30 min) Understanding requirement flow down - How did we come up with decadal detector configuration? (Clarence C., Vicor B, )
  2. (30 min) Key decision items - number of detector types, optical coupling (Kent I., Dan A.)
  3. (15 min) Update from Detector Task Force and Detector Fabrication Review (Brad B.)
  4. (15 min) R&D plan: Current state of the plan, discussion on readout “interface” issues: resources, testing (Brenna F.)
  5. (15 min) Detector/ optical coupling state of the field. Technology update (Toki S.)


Remote attendance

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