UCSD-2019: Technical Working Group: Data Management

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  1. Identify key decisions that must be made (and justified) prior to CD-1/PDR,
  2. Make progress on (or actually make) those decisions,
  3. Lay out a timeline and process for making each decision, consistent with the post-decision work and internal reviews that will be needed to complete preparations for CD-1/PDR,
  4. Ensure that those timelines and processes are understood and supported by the collaboration, and that we (together) believe we can follow them.


  1. L2 Overview (Julian Borrill/Tom Crawford) slides
    1. Subsystem Management (Julian Borrill) slides
    2. Data Movement (Sasha Rahlin) slides
    3. Software Infrastructure (Ted Kisner) slides
    4. Data Synthesis (Sara Simon/Andrea Zonca) slides
    5. Data Reduction (Colin Bischoff/Reijo Keskitalo) slides
    6. Transients (Don Petravik/Nathan Whitehorn) slides (note conflict with Transients parallel)
    7. Site Hardware (Tom Crawford) slides
  2. Simulations for Flowdown (Sara Simon) slides

Remote attendance

Zoom link



Big questions to answer here:

  • What are we missing?

Note that the L2-level stuff, including the bi-weekly telecon, is all coordination and management; real work is done at L3 and below.

DM scope redefined as raw data coming off the telescopes to well-characterized "reduced data (maps, etc.)." (Used to be "well-characterized maps" but transients...)

  • also responsible for mock data sets to support decisions in other WBSs.

DM transitions to operations in ~2026

  • but there's a data challenge scheduled for 2027, should we change that? (MEM)
  • maybe say DM "begins transition" to ops in 2026.

Discussion about boundary between roles of project DM (raw data to maps) and collaboration analyzers (maps to science).

What does "well-characterized" mean? (RS)

  • Something we probably need to define better, along with analysis working groups.

Is there a document stating "at stage X in DOE/NSF project maturity, we need set Y of simulations"? (SH)

  • No. There probably should be.
    • A worry about asking AWGs what is needed is that they will say "everything," which is hard. (KH)

Do we really need HPC for anything? (JV)

  • For things that care about interprocess communication (which is important for capturing some types of correlations).
  • We are not the only people building in interoperability in HPC/HTC, so we should be able to piggyback. (SH)

L3: Transients

Draft WBS expected next week.

DOE doesn't do transients, so... (GG)

  • before he can finish, many people jump in with "yes it does"
  • so resources come from both sides?
    • hardware at Pole definitely from NSF

L3: Subsystem Management

Why are Pole and Atacama computing resources being crossed off?

  • because there's a new L3 for that.