UCSD-2019: Science Theme: Matter Mapping

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- Review of previous work and science case(s) [10 min]

- Presentations on additional science and new ideas [5+2 min each]

  • Srini Raghunathan: CMB-cluster lensing and tSZ counts
  • Siavash Yasini: Birkinshaw-Gull effect
  • Selim Hotinli: Rees-Sciama and/or moving lens effect
  • Giulio Fabbian [remote]: NG lensing biases
  • Alex van Engelen: thermal correction to kSZ
  • Nick Battaglia: SZ systematics

- Focused discussions: (~1 hr)

  • Further developing science cases: deep survey at the Pole -- e.g., overlap with deep satellite observations, possibilities for cross-correlations
  • Review/update/prioritize questions to be answered regarding measurement requirements -- what needs to be done for CD-1? what needs to be done better than it was in the DSR?

Remote attendance

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