UCSD-2019: Cross-Cut: Simulations for Measurement Requirements

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  • How do we coordinate the production of a unified sky model with enough realism and flexibility for the AWGs?
  • What simulations do we need for clusters and what cross-checks will be available with data?


Please add your name below the agenda if you plan to participate in the session, contact User:Zonca

  • 5 min - Andrea Zonca: PySM 3, simulation tools developed for Simons Observatory
  • 5 min - Marcelo Alvarez: Extragalactic modeling integration in PySM 3, Simulations requirements for cluster finding File:Exgal sims.pdf
  • 5 min - Reijo Keskitalo: Scanning strategy for S4 Chile deep Chile wide Pole deep Pole wide
  • 5 min - Ben Racine: Noise simulations for PGW analysis File:Noise sims for forecasting.pdf
  • 30 min - Discussion:
    • Unified sky model
    • How to gather requirements from AWG
    • Clusters
    • Plans for map-based simulations

Other participants: Raphael Flauger, Kimmy Wu

Remote attendance

Zoom link


Collaborative note taking on hackMD