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== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==
George Stein (Webskys) (15min)
George Stein (Webskys) (15min) [[file:websky_Oct2019.pdf]]
Joaquin Vieira (Source Counts)  (15min) [[file:CMB-S4_point_sources_vieira_Oct2019.pdf]]
Joaquin Vieira (Source Counts)  (15min) [[file:CMB-S4_point_sources_vieira_Oct2019.pdf]]

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Given plausible CIB models (and galactic foregrounds) at high ell, what frequency coverage (and associated sensitivity) is sufficient to meet our goals for z> 2 clusters?

What are the benefits to time-domain science of increased ang. Resolution and increased sensitivity?

What are the necessary analysis tools to answer these questions?


George Stein (Webskys) (15min) File:Websky Oct2019.pdf

Joaquin Vieira (Source Counts) (15min) File:CMB-S4 point sources vieira Oct2019.pdf

Srini Raghunathan (15min) (Cluster detection, presented by Gil Holder)

Gil Holder (Asteroids) (15min) slides

Discussion: (60 min) what do we need going forward?

== Remote Attendance

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