UCSD-2019: Analysis/Pipeline Working Group: Maps to Other Statistics

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  • Given plausible CIB models (and galactic foregrounds) at high ell, what frequency coverage (and associated sensitivity) is sufficient to reduce CIB residuals below statistical errors on tSZ and kSZ measurements?
  • How severe is the impact of small-scale polarized foregrounds on lensing? (If important, how can we mitigate them?)
  • What is the optimal strategy for mitigating temperature lensing foregrounds?
  • What are requirements on beam and pointing for sub-percent lensing spectra?
  • What are the necessary analysis tools to answer these questions?


  • Lensing


Emmanuel Schaan: temperature foregrounds in lensing (20+10 mins)

Kevin Huffenberger: modeling of small-scale non-Gaussian foregrounds (to characterize lensing bias) (10+5 mins)

Srini Raghunathan: foregrounds for cluster lensing reconstruction (10+5 mins)


Alex van Engelen: baryonic effects for CMB lensing and neutrino mass (10+5 mins)

  • SZ

Marcelo Alvarez: constraints on patchy reionization from kSZ (10+5 mins)

Colin Hill (discussion): CIB cleaning requirements for SZ (10 mins)

Remote attendance

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