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Alex van Engelen: baryonic effects for CMB lensing and neutrino mass (10+5 mins)
Alex van Engelen: baryonic effects for CMB lensing and neutrino mass (10+5 mins) [[File:baryons_CMBS4.key.pdf]]

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Background: this working group covers a remarkably broad area of science targets and topics, although none of them are design-driving, primary science goals. Scientifically, it can cover science topics including neutrino mass, structure growth and dark energy / modified gravity, reionization, baryonic physics, and other topics. In terms of measurements covered by this group, they include lensing power spectra and cross-correlations, cluster cosmology, SZ cross-correlations and higher point functions, CMB bispectra, and several others.

In light of this, major goals of our group are to identify and prioritize several key science targets and analyses, and, with our work as part of this group, strengthen and sharpen these S4 science cases. Our work should also inform the efforts of other working groups (for example by exploring mass calibration for the sources group and lensing systematics for BB-delensing).

To start, an idea is to focus on a few of the key science targets: neutrino mass (e.g. from lensing), baryonic physics and reionization. However, we will have a broader discussion on priorities and science targets at the end of the session.

Official Charge Question

  • Given plausible CIB models (and galactic foregrounds) at high ell, what frequency coverage (and associated sensitivity) is sufficient to reduce CIB residuals below statistical errors on tSZ and kSZ measurements?
  • How severe is the impact of small-scale polarized foregrounds on lensing? (If important, how can we mitigate them?)
  • What is the optimal strategy for mitigating temperature lensing foregrounds?
  • What are requirements on beam and pointing for sub-percent lensing spectra?
  • What are the necessary analysis tools to answer these questions?


Introductory remarks (Marcelo and Blake)



Emmanuel Schaan: temperature foregrounds in lensing (20+10 mins) File:Talk lensing foregrounds cmbs4 schaan.pdf

Kevin Huffenberger: modeling of small-scale non-Gaussian Galactic foregrounds (to characterize lensing bias) (10+5 mins) File:Smallscale foregrounds.pdf

Srini Raghunathan: foregrounds for cluster lensing reconstruction (10+5 mins)


Alex van Engelen: baryonic effects for CMB lensing and neutrino mass (10+5 mins) File:Baryons CMBS4.key.pdf


Marcelo Alvarez: constraints on patchy reionization from kSZ (10+5 mins) File:Mapsother reionization.pdf

Colin Hill (discussion): CIB cleaning requirements for SZ (10 mins)


Key targets and analyses

Remote attendance

Zoom link