UCSD-2019: Analysis/Pipeline Working Group: Maps to C ell

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Note that "Maps to Cl" is actually shorthand for "Maps to Cl to Parameters" or "Maps to Parameters from (non-low-ell-BB) Power Spectra." This is important for understanding the charge and defining the responsibilities of this group.

The charge from the meeting SOC is twofold (see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtRif7_BPi3gACMkIA7__AWK63iUJiljN6UlKI41MS0/edit for the exact charge). One part is a set of general instructions for all analysis working groups:

  • Identify key decisions that must be made (and justified) prior to CD-1,
  • Make progress on (or actually make) those decisions,
  • Lay out a timeline and process for making each decision, consistent with the post-decision work and internal reviews that will be needed to complete preparations for CD-1,
  • Ensure that those timelines and processes are understood and supported by the collaboration, and that we (together) believe we can follow them.

The other part is a set of specific questions to support other working groups / WBSs as we move to the next level of design. Our questions are:

  • How are we calibrating beams to meet high-ell science requirements? Can we use high S/N point sources alone?
  • How does the galaxy impact Neff inference?
  • Does this drive frequency coverage?
  • Is there a path to realistically achieve both the necessary cadence for transients and the necessary sky coverage for light relics goals?
  • What are the necessary analysis tools to answer these questions?


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