Towards lensing template

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Sept 28 2018, Clem Pryke

Back in February I made nside=2048 sim maps including noise and foregrounds suitable for lensing reconstruction - see here.

Julien Carron and Toshiya Namikawa have now run lensing reconstruction on these as described in here and here - thanks!

The plot below compares the maps and first derivs. The reconstructions are after subtracting mean field and Weiner filter. The "ideal" are have means subtracted. Clearly the derivs are all very similar.

180928 f1.gif

In BK analysis we have been calling the difference of the lensed and unlensed maps the "lensing template". We can make this by taking the observed lensed map, de-deflecting it, and taking the difference. BK pipeline has been doing this flat-sky but for S4 we need curved-sky version. The plot below shows first steps towards implementing. (This is for ideal phi map.)

180928 f2.gif