Technology Development Telecon - (DR) Detector, Readout

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Charge to CMB-S4 Technology Development Working Group

In the first edition of the Technology Book, the experimental CMB community summarized the current state of CMB technology and evaluated its current technical readiness with a 5-level Technology Status Level (TSL) and manufacturing readiness with a 5-level Production Status Level (PSL). For each technology, we identified Technology Development (TD) efforts necessary to advance it for possible use in CMB-S4. As a next step of the collaborative community wide effort, the CMB-S4 TD prioritization working group will evaluate TD topics based on impacts they have on cost, schedule, and science return. By the time of the Argonne meeting (March 2018) the working group will produce a prioritized list of the TD topics that the community should pursue to ensure timely maturity of technologies that will enable the successful advancement of the project.

We have grouped the relevant technologies into the following areas to tackle this immense task: Telescope and Site; Cryogenics, Cryostats and Optics; Detectors and Readout; and Data Management. Calibration of evaluation metrics across the subgroups is important for fair comparison of the TD topics. In addition, many TD topics are inter-dependent. To capture these ideas, the overall working group will communicate across all the subgroups in monthly combined group meetings.

The scope of each subgroup is as follows:

  • Telescope and site: Covers telescope, mount, site, power generation, etc...
  • Cryogenics, cryostats and optics: Covers cryogenics (4K and mK), cryostats, windows, filters, lenses, HWP etc...
  • Detector and readout: Covers detector (detector array and holder) and readout (warm/cold), etc...
  • Data management: Covers DAQ, data transfer, simulation, analysis, publication, etc...

Tab-Separated Table

CMB-S4 Technology Development Telecon 2017-10-19 Subgroup Meeting: Detector/Readout

  • Agenda
    • General discussion of charge, prioritization methods, schedule.
    • Brief updates from each of the subgroups.
    • Discuss goal for next combined telecom.
  • Notes
    • Detectors/readout subsheet subleads;
      • Detectors (Toki/Tom)
      • Readout (Shawn/Amy)
      • and Characterization (Patty).
    • Strategy for converting risk into R&D topic; ask “what R&D could mitigate this risk.”
    • R&D sub-leads will work to better organize common R&D topics into groups using new “R&D details” column of detector/readout subsheet. Will also think about/explore other ways of organizing the ideas in our sheet and report back to Toki/Zeesh.
    • Tom suggests that to help generate ideas we all ask ourselves “What went wrong in the last year, and what R&D could help mitigate that”?
    • Optics means HWP, lenses, filters, etc. Things like lenslets, horns, etc.

belong in detector/readout subsheet.

  • Action Items
    • For group; by 11/2 combined call: List of R&D topics (just ideas in column C).
    • For group; by 11/30 combined call: Add short descriptions to all entries. These descriptions will be sharpened into impact/cost/etc.
    • Tom/Toki/Shawn/Amy/Patty will reach out to folks to push people to get ideas in the detectors/readout sheet before next combined call (Nov. 2).

CMB-S4 Technology Development Telecon 2017-10-05 Subgroup Meeting: Detector/Readout