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Charge to CMB-S4 Technology Development Working Group

In the first edition of the Technology Book, the experimental CMB community summarized the current state of CMB technology and evaluated its current technical readiness with a 5-level Technology Status Level (TSL) and manufacturing readiness with a 5-level Production Status Level (PSL). For each technology, we identified Technology Development (TD) efforts necessary to advance it for possible use in CMB-S4. As a next step of the collaborative community wide effort, the CMB-S4 TD prioritization working group will evaluate TD topics based on impacts they have on cost, schedule, and science return. By the time of the Argonne meeting (March 2018) the working group will produce a prioritized list of the TD topics that the community should pursue to ensure timely maturity of technologies that will enable the successful advancement of the project.

We have grouped the relevant technologies into the following areas to tackle this immense task: Telescope and Site; Cryogenics, Cryostats and Optics; Detectors and Readout; and Data Management. Calibration of evaluation metrics across the subgroups is important for fair comparison of the TD topics. In addition, many TD topics are inter-dependent. To capture these ideas, the overall working group will communicate across all the subgroups in monthly combined group meetings.

The scope of each subgroup is as follows:

  • Telescope and site: Covers telescope, mount, site, power generation, etc...
  • Cryogenics, cryostats and optics: Covers cryogenics (4K and mK), cryostats, windows, filters, lenses, HWP etc...
  • Detector and readout: Covers detector (detector array and holder) and readout (warm/cold), etc...
  • Data management: Covers DAQ, data transfer, simulation, analysis, publication, etc...

Tab-Separated Table

CMB-S4 Technology Development Telecon 2017-10-05 Subgroup Meeting: Data Management

  • Agenda
    • Charge to the group
    • CDT report
    • Schedule & milestones
  • Notes
    • Present: Colin B, Julian B, Yuji C, Joy D, Salman H
    • Apologies: Laura N
    • Charge:
      • DM is a bit different from the other areas, and couples to them (eg. in experiment modeling, design validation, systematics mitigation, ... )
    • CDT report:
      • Julian walked people through the current draft of the DM section of the CDT report, inviting comments and additions
        • Instrument Data (acquisition, transmission, storage)
        • Time Domain (live monitoring, pre-processing, map-making)
          • Time domain processing will be different for different telescopes (eg. with or without HWP), but should still all run within a common framework.
          • Live monitoring needs to combine data from multiple telescopes
        • Science Analysis (foregrounds, results, feedback)
          • Analysis complexity is increased by having multiple instruments of multiple types, as well as the hybrid scanning strategy.
          • Feedback can also inform changes in the instrument configuration and/or scanning strategy.
        • Simulations (experiment modeling, sky modeling, data generation)
        • Publication (data products, software tools, archiving)
          • Need to include internal data distribution; data and software standards.
        • Computational Resources (science data facility)
    • Schedule & milestones
      • Doodle poll still open and active; discussion about telecon frequency (tbd)
      • Milestones:
        • Develop a comprehensive list of DM requirements coupled to the project timeline.
        • Determine the TD required for these.
        • Prioritize this TD based on its impact on risk, cost, and science return.
        • Take this prioritized list to the full group for integration.
  • Action Items
    • Julian to update CDT report to include the comments here (done).
    • Circulate telecon time once doodle polling is complete; next telecon is week of October 16th.