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Candidates For Co-Spokesperson
Name Photo Statement
Julian Borrill Borrill.jpg I am running for Co-Spokesperson because I believe that it is very important that both sites be actively represented at all levels of the collaboration as we move forward. Within S4 I have been a member of the CDT and ICCC, co-led the Data Analysis section of the Science Book, and been an active participant in the Forecasting Working Group. S4 is also a Big Data project, and I have been the PI of the CMB community’s common allocation of NERSC supercomputer resources for 20 years, and have successfully advocated for our needs at numerous DOE high performance computing reviews. And yes, I wear oxygen at altitude.
John Carlstrom Carlstrom2 - John Carlstrom.jpg Having worked on CMB-S4 through the 2013 Snowmass exercise, P5, seven major workshops, the Science and Technology Books, the CDT report, and drafting the the Bylaws, I am thrilled with the formal establishment of the CMB-S4 Science Collaboration. I am proud to be part of it and the role I have played. I would be honored to be a co-Spokesperson and would dedicate my efforts to establishing the CMB-S4 Project. I will focus the Collaboration to best position CMB-S4 for the upcoming Decadal Survey and other upcoming challenges. I will work with the agencies, as well as with private and international partners. Most importantly, I will continue to work on strengthening the Collaboration and promoting its members.