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Proposed talks

Abstract Announced Date Venue Speaker Title/Topic Abstract Slides
31 Jan 2018 CMB in Germany John Carlstrom CMB-S4 update [[Media:]]
17-24 March 2018 Rencontres de Moriond: Cosmology Victor Buza CMB-S4 Performance-Based Constraints On Primordial Gravitational Waves [[Media:]]
22 Jan 2018 18-23 March 2018 Snowcluster Nick Battaglia On Cluster Profiles with CMB-S4

The next generation cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiment, CMB-S4, will make unprecedented measurements of secondary anisotropies in the CMB. I will focus on observations of the thermal and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effects, which will provide new windows into the thermodynamic properties of galaxy groups and clusters. I will show how we can constrain important baryonic processes, like feedback, that govern group and cluster formation through the high fidelity SZ profile measurements from CMB-S4. Additionally, I will describe the prospects to constrain fundamental physics from SZ observations and how to mitigate the modeling uncertainties associated with the baryonic processes that currently limit these constraints.


Approved talks

Abstract Announced Date Venue Speaker Abstract Slides

Past talks

Abstract Announced Date Venue Speaker Abstract Slides