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== Logbook Entries (reverse chronological) ==
== Logbook Entries (reverse chronological) ==
* '''2020 June 11''': [http://bicep.rc.fas.harvard.edu/CMB-S4/analysis_logbook/20200611_splitbands/ Signal-to-noise on foregrounds from split band difference maps] (C. Bischoff)
* '''2020 June 06''': [[Background on 20 GHz channel]] (Raphael Flauger)
* '''2020 June 06''': [[Background on 20 GHz channel]] (Raphael Flauger)
* '''2020 June 04''': [[Delensing sensitivity - preliminary results]] (Raphael Flauger)
* '''2020 June 04''': [[Delensing sensitivity - preliminary results]] (Raphael Flauger)

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This is an index page for logbook-style postings that cover the interconnected topics of sky modeling, simulations, and forecasting for CMB-S4.

Some guidelines for use:

  • Postings should include enough context so that a reader can jump in and figure out what is going on. It is not necessary to write an extensive introduction to every posting -- context can be in the form of links to older postings, paper citations, etc.
  • Postings should represent a snapshot of work in progress. It's ok to post incomplete results, but recommended that you include notes about what is missing, what you are still planning to work on, etc.
  • If you have work that extends or improves an old posting, you should add it as a new posting (that includes links back to the old work as appropriate). Don't update old postings, as they should provide a chronological record of progress.
  • On this index page, add a link to your posting with the date, a descriptive posting title, and your full name. This logbook covers a wide range of topics, so titles will be really important to keep it useful. Don't name your posting something like "Forecasting for S4"!
  • Links should be added in reverse-chronological order (newest at the top). Your posting can either be written up on another wiki page or it can be a link to some externally hosted webpage (useful if you want to include a javascript plots pager).

Logbook Entries (reverse chronological)