Sims with nominal Chile and Pole masks

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August 17 2018, Clem Pryke

For the CDT report specs we have simulation sets 04.YY where the assumed relative hits map was a circle with tapered edge and an effective sky fraction of 0.03. For a realistic relative hits map achieved with observations from South Pole we can take the real BICEP3 2017 pattern. For a relative hits map for observations from Chile we have a map from Julian/Reijo which was shown at the Argonne meeting and is plotted in Sky masks for simulations II - this is super notional - please don't get upset that it is not optimized etc. It does however include the region that the telescopes are observing when they can't hit the southern deep field.

To proceed I take the Pole and Chile relative hits maps and normalize them to have the same sum as the idealized f_sky=0.03 mask - see left column in figure below. I then generate sims using this as usual - the same full sky noise realizations from the 04.YY sets are divided by the square root of the relative hits maps - see right column in figure below.

File:180817 f1b.gif