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Here are some preliminary forecasts for calibrating the shear bias from LSST using CMB lensing from CMB S4 (paper in preparation with Tim Eifler, Elisabeth Krause, Hironao Miyatake, Olivier Doré, Jason Rhodes and David Spergel). We use all the 2-point correlations of galaxy positions, convergence from galaxies and convergence from the CMB. In particular, we use only the convergence from CMB S4 (e.g. not the temperature and polarization power spectrum). We constrain 10 shear biases for each of the 10 source redshift bins of LSST, while marginalizing over cosmological parameters, galaxy biases, and photo-z means and variances in each bin. We use the full non-Gaussian covariances for all the 2-point functions, and explore the likelihood with MCMC.

DeltaFNL TTT.png