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The Science Council consists of two co-Chairs and the co-Coordinators of eight Analysis Working Groups (AWGs). We list the working groups here, together with information about their activities -- such as information about when they meet and links to meeting notes. The co-Chairs are Gil Holder ( and Lloyd Knox (


Our main focus is now is preparation for the Decadal Survey. We have two main activities in this regard: 1) engagement with the CMB community for production of a suite of Science White Papers (SWP) articulating the value of the science we care about; and 2) preparation of a "Decadal Survey Report" on the CMB-S4 project.

Science White Papers

We are envisioning a series of SWP submitted by the January 2019 deadline. The papers will describe the entirety of science deliverable with observations in CMB frequency bands (loosely defined). The SWPs are common to the entire community; they will not discuss nor highlight any specific project. All interested members of the community are invited to participate in writing and endorsing any of these papers.

The SWP are limited to 5 pages or fewer each, and we highly recommend that anyone wishing to contribute will read the short National Academies solicitation. Excerpting this key passage from the call may be helpful here:

White papers should:

 - Identify scientific opportunities and compelling scientific themes for the coming decade, particularly those that have arisen from recent advances and accomplishments in astronomy and astrophysics;
 - Describe the scientific context of the importance of these opportunities, including connections to other parts of astronomy and astrophysics and, where appropriate, to the advancement of our broader scientific understanding;
 - While focusing on science, not specific missions or projects, describe and quantify the key advances in observation, measurement, theory, and/or computation necessary to realize the scientific opportunities within the decade 2020-2030 and beyond.

To facilitate engagement and coordination of activities, we have created a wiki page ( with a (non-comprehensive) list of potential science white papers with relevance to our community. Listed there are titles, and (mostly blank) fields for listing who is actively participating in the creation of the white paper, who has taken on a coordinating role, and links to relevant documentation for that white paper (github repos, online notes, etc.).

The purpose of the wiki page is to give all of us a comprehensive view of science white paper activity of relevance to the CMB community, make it possible for would-be contributors to join existing efforts, and to allow any of us to spot gaps and work to fill them. The list of paper titles on the wiki now is just to get us started -- we expect it to evolve as, e.g., some topics get split into two or more different white papers, and new topics altogether are added. Anyone wishing to edit the wiki should contact Shaul Hanany ( to get the appropriate permissions.

CMB-S4 Decadal Survey Report

Each AWG (with some exceptions) is charged with producing a 5-page section, the main elements of the Science Chapter of the DSR, on the science to be done with the CMB-S4 surveys. Our target for completion of a first draft of the DSR is November 2018.

Analysis Working Groups

Primordial Gravitational Waves

 - Co-Coordinators: Raphael Flauger ( and Clem Pryke (
 - Meeting Notes:
 - Group logbook: r forecast log book
 - Data challenge summary pages: r forecast sim set summary
 - Meeting Times: Look for our meetings on the [CMB-S4 Google Calendar]

Primordial Density Perturbations

 - Co-Coordinators: TBD

Light Relics

 - Co-Coordinators: Daniel Green ( and Joel Meyers (
 - Forecasting Setup: Non-r Forecasting Page
 - Meeting Times: Look for our meetings on the [CMB-S4 Google Calendar]

Neutrino Mass

  - Co-Coordinators: Marilena Loverde ( and Blake Sherwin (
  - Meeting notes:
  - Meeting times: will be posted; typically Tuesday 11am ET

Dark Energy

  - Co-Coordinators: Anze Slosar ( ), and TBD

Dark Matter

  - Co-Coordinators:  Vera Gluscevic (, and TBD

Galaxy Formation and Evolution

 - Co-Coordinators: Marcelo Alvarez ( and Colin Hill (
 - Meeting Notes:
 - Meeting Times: Look for our meetings on the [CMB-S4 Google Calendar]

Legacy Catalogs

- Co-Coordinators: Lindsey Bleem ( and Douglas Scott ( )
- Meeting Notes:
- Meeting Times: TBD; will be posted [CMB-S4 Google Calendar]