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Background discussion

(Nick writing of behalf of Simone, Emmanuel, and David)

We forecasted S/N and constraints on feedback and non-thermal pressure support for samples of LRGs and QSOs using combined tSZ and kSZ observations and a DESI-like spectroscopic survey. Here we use the the numbers density of objects quoted in | Table 3 of the DESI white paper.

LRGs (2e13 Msol)

SN LRG.png Pars LRG.png

Epsilon is the feedback efficiency, and alpha is the normalization of the non-thermal pressure support. Also, Blue = 4m, Green = 5m, Red = 6m. The orange box illustrates a 3% constraint on these parameters.

QSOs (4e12 Msol)

SN QSO.png Pars QSO.png

The orange box illustrates a 25% constraint on these parameters.

To Do: Looking into well motivated science requirements for the S4-CDT. One idea is to couple these constraints to the baryonic effects on p(k), this is k dependent but we should be able to decide on a k range and accuracy to which we need to constrain feedback etc. Any other ideas would be very helpful.