SLAC-2017: Cosmology with CMB-S4

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Welcome to the wiki for the Cosmology with CMB-S4 workshop at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, February 27-March 1, 2017.

Please register here: Official Workshop Website: Program, Participants, Registration, Hotels, Logistics.

Workshop overview

The first two days of the workshop are dedicated to CMB-S4. There are rooms available for splinter meetings on the third day; please contact the local organizers ASAP if you need a room for a third day session.

About this wiki

As for the previous two workshops, we will use this wiki to organize the sessions and to capture the input from the sessions, and develop next steps. Initial page stubs will be provided for each break-out session. The wiki will be used during the break-out sessions, and also for the plenary session. Participants are encouraged to edit the wiki directly, including uploading plots or a few slides.

Hints for formatting this wiki can be found here:

All plenaries in Kavli Auditorium in Building 51.

Monday, February 27: Towards L-1 Science Requirements

9:00 am Welcome. Plans, agenda, workshop overview - 15 minutes - Kent Irwin

9:15 am: Reports from agencies and CDT - 45 minutes

  • Update from CDT - Charles Lawrence
  • Update from NSF
  • Update from DOE - Kathy Turner

10:00 am: Introduction to L-1 Science requirements process; inflation, neutrinos, light relics summary - 15 minutes - John Carlstrom

10:15 am: Scott Dodelson

10:20 am: Coffee break - 25 minutes

10:45 am: Clusters and high ell science - 2 hrs 15 mins - Coordinator: Jo Dunkley

1:00 pm: Lunch

2:30 pm: Special session: LSST-CMBS4 science - 45 mins

3:15 pm: Coffee break - 30 minutes

3:45 pm: Foregrounds and simulations - 1 hour - Coordinator: Lloyd Knox

4:45 pm Plan for Day 2

5:00 pm DOE/NSF Project Experience - Key Ingredients to Success - 30 mins - James Yeck

6:00 pm Reception.

Tuesday, February 28

9:00 Stage-3 experiment lessons learned. Moderator: Lyman Page

10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Complementary opportunities. Moderator: John Ruhl

  • Simons Observatory - Mark Devlin
  • Ground-based CMB programs in Europe
  • Tibet - Chao-Lin Kuo
  • CCAT Prime - Michael Niemack

11:30 Overview of CMB-S4 Technology Book - Zeesh Ahmed and Aritoki Suzuki

12:00 Technical Flowdown: Systems Engineering - Steve Padin and Jeff McMahon

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Parallel sessions

  • Optical Coupling, Sensors and Readout (Aritoki Suzuki, Zeeshan Ahmed, and Jeff McMahon)
  • Telescopes and Receiver Optics (Michael Niemack, Nils Halverson, and Steve Padin)
  • Foregrounds, Systematics & Modeling
    • Small angular scales (Dunkley, Green, van Engelen)
    • Large angular scales (Borrill, Flauger, Kovac)

4:00 Coffee Break

4:30-6:00 Summary of parallel sessions, path forward and closing