SLAC-2017:Sensors and Readout Parallel Session

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Optical Coupling, Sensors

- Presentation pushed to Wednesday (we'll try to cover this if we have time. My apologies if we can't cover it on Tuesday.)


Notes from session

Kam: Simon's Observatory plans -Goal to develop universal focal plane module that can be used for multiple technologies -Full fab at NIST and Berkeley and possibly commercial

Clarence: SPT-3G and how to get to stage 4 - Deployed 10 wafers - Production throughput is high: 5 arrays every 1-2 weeks - Fab time comparable to testing time - Film properties vary more than detector architecture: dielectric thickness, Tc - Need way to evaluate stability of fab without full array cryo testing - Discussion on testing all detectors:

    - enough intra-batch stability?
    - Use stage 3 receivers to have high throughput?
    - Dark vs light test?

Jay: NIST update - TES: - mkids: mkids for BLAST/sub-mm and mm - umux developing, mustang2, beginning on integrated fab - Si platelet horns - packaging: Considering 2D backside (e.g Bicep3) or integrated fab/mkids - Repeatability has gotten very good - built many test structures to develop processes

Action items/Next steps

  • Agree on list of input and output for each sub-group
  • Make table, then start filling in input and output for given technology. Input and output maybe in parametric form (for example beam FWHM vs pixel size, mapping speed vs receiver and sky temp)
  • Start discussing throughput. Detector fabrication, assembly, test. Feed back cycle time