SLAC-2017:FSM Large angular scales

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Foregrounds, Systematics and Modeling: Large Angular Scales

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Systematics/Instrument inputs -- John Kovac
    * Band selection (X=2): John/Denis, Adrian/Charlie, Jo and Reijo
        * idea is NOT final optimization, but only to cover representative bands to inform CDT Strawman Concept 
    * Inclusion of systematics (X=3):  [John coordinating]
        * idea is NOT final systematics verification, only to be representative of key challenges
            * "Unknown systematics residual" modeled as additive contamination, fractional level linked to N_l
            * Bandpass uncertainties
            * Pol angle uncertainty?
    * Noise models and bands for delensing survey (X=4)
        * adopt identical per-detector N_l assumptions, with higher ell_knee?  Beamsize?
        * at some point, do we use real (S3) noise maps as basis of scaling?
CDT Instrument systematics have the following leads and groups:
 overall coordination: John K
  Beams             --- Bill, Steve, Mike, John K
  Calibration      --- polarization angles,    Brian
                                intercalibration between different angular scales,   John C and Tom
                                temporal aspects       Ed
  Modulator systematics --- Adrian, Brian
  Time response              --- Ed
  • Analysis -- Rafael Flauger
  • Wrap-Up/Discussion -- Lloyd Knox

Notes from session

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Action items/Next steps

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