SAT Scanning Strategies I

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March 2019


In this post we collect results from separate SAT scanning studies for Chile (Deeper SAT from Chile and Deeper SAT from Chile II) and the South Pole (Deep SAT from the Pole, Wider SAT from the Pole and Wider SAT from the Pole II).


Here is a table of the scanning strategies and the resulting depth maps:

Name el_min [deg] el_max [deg] fsky (raw) fsky (noise) fsky (signal) max. depth [µK/arcmin]
Chile deep 45 60 0.516 0.182 0.059 3.25
Chile deepest 35 60 0.501 0.158 0.047 3.00
Pole widest 40 60 0.138 0.073 0.047 3.01
Pole wide 45 60 0.120 0.065 0.043 2.81
Pole deep 50 55 0.050 0.029 0.019 1.78

The Chile deepest and the Pole widest maps have the same maximum depth. We show here the binned depth maps. First for Chile:

Total wcov.segmented.chile.png

and then for the Pole:

Total wcov.segmented.pole.png

to show the difference in sky area. Each color corresponds to a 1µK range in depth.