Rev 2 PySM a2d4f1s3 maps

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May 15 2017, Clem Pryke

This is a follow up to Checking PySM maps. Ben Thorne provided replacement PySM maps and Julian processed them to produce a2d4f1s3 files in the usual place (/project/projectdirs/cmb/data/generic/galactic/pysm). Note that these new files differ from the old in having "tophat" in the filename after the band center frequency.

Here are the full-sky multifreq Q/U plots - it is hard to see any difference between the models when plotted like this.

20170508 fig1.gif 20170515 fig1.gif

I re-ran the scripts to take these through to simulated observations as previously described in 01.01 sim input maps - first try. Below are simple power spectrum plots for both models at 155GHz. Recall that "gdust" level has been set to match the observed level of dust power at 155GHz in the BICEP/Keck 1% sky patch. For this 3% sky patch the a1d1f1s1 model already exceeds this level. We see that the a2d4f1s1 model is higher still - more than an order of magnitude above the BK observations.

20170515 fig2a.gif 20170515 fig2b.gif