Residuals for DC 01.01 and DC 01.02

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These plots show residuals for the ILC cleaned spectra used in my analysis of the DC 01.Y maps obtained by taking the same linear combination of the various foreground templates that are taken of the DC maps.

For 01.00, the included foregrounds are dust and synchrotron. These are shown in green and red, respectively.

01.00 0000 ILC Res.png

For 01.01, the included foregrounds are dust, synchrotron, and (unpolarized) AME. Dust and synchrotron are shown in green and red, respectively.

01.01 0004 ILC Res.png

For 01.02, the included foregrounds are (unpolarized) free-free emission, dust, synchrotron, and polarized AME. Dust, synchrotron, and AME residuals are shown in green, red and orange, respectively.

01.02 0007 ILC Res.png

The histogram of the best-fit value for r (not imposing r>0) for the 01.02 simulations then is

Rbest 01p02 AL0p1.png

and the histogram of 95% CL upper limits on r, also for the 01.02 simulations is

95CL 01p02 AL0p1.png