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This page tracks work towards refining the links and traceability between Science requirements, measurement requirements and system/instrument requirements. The immediate goal is to converge on a Science Traceability Matrix (see CDT STM linked below for example) in time for the Decadal Survey Review in mid 2019. The STM needs to be backed by clear, crisp evidence explaining our choices in survey and instrument strategy.


Science Collaboration Flowdown meeting (coordinated by J3)

  • Membership: ET, SC, TC, Project team
  • Biweekly starting Feb 11, 11am pacific/2pm eastern
  • Uberconference cmbs4a
  • (866-578-4799 or 480-999-2448)
  • Notes

Project Flowdown Assessment working group (coordinated by Natalie and Zeesh)

  • Membership: Darcy Barron, Chris Sheehy, Chris Bebek, Nadine Kurita, Martin Nordby, Natalie Roe, Zeesh Ahmed
  • Searching for a new meeting time..
  • Notes


As a first step, we will use the following spreadsheet to make sure we have links to basis documentation backing the various requirements that the collaboration has already identified. This tool will also help us identify holes in the flowdown that need to be filled.

Reference documents