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Next telecon Tuesday 28 November, 4 pm EST / 3 pm CST / 1 pm PST.

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Pub and Speakers WG minutes 28 Nov 2017

Pub and Speakers WG minutes 16 Nov 2017

Charge from ICCC

The Publications Policy and Interim Speakers' Bureau WG is to draft the CMB-S4 collaboration bylaws that pertain to the policies and procedures that govern CMB-S4 publications and the Speakers’ Bureau. Specifically, the WG is charged to:

  • Draft an interim publication policy (covering topics including, but not limited to, authorship, authorship order, mechanisms for reviewing author list, and mechanisms for reviewing papers) to begin operating right away. This policy should be concrete enough to guide decisions on actual publications in the near term but flexible enough to accommodate inevitable changes as the collaboration matures.
  • Draft a basic interim Speakers Bureau policy to begin operating right away, with a system of notifying the collaboration about opportunities to present project work, approving members to represent the project in talks, and generating a set of slides about the project that are available for any collaboration member to use.
  • Propose methods of establishing a Publications Panel and a Speakers Bureau.
  • Propose methods of insuring that the policies are followed.
  • Propose a mechanism for revising publication policy and Speaker Bureau responsibilities in the bylaws.

Example publication policies

Policy summaries
Collaboration Project proposal process Categories of Papers Authorship tiers Editorial/review process Speakers / Talks Policies Other
Planck Publication Process; Policies for "Planck Scientists"; Post-release policy; Communication policies Projects originate either with the Science Team oversight board or within science working groups and approved by the Science Team, who appoint project team members. The project team members and project leader are responsible for the writing of papers related to the project. Two major categories. 1. "General" papers, which all papers associated with data releases, "Early," and "Intermediate" papers. 2. Technical papers, conference proceedings, and public papers. All General papers have alphabetical starting with Planck collaboration. Corresponding author is listed by name, by default the project team leader, but the project team can put forward other names. All those with "Planck Scientists" status, who have reached an integrated work threshold on the project, are permitted to sign all general papers through an online process. (Planck Scientists no longer active on the project lose this ability.) Other collaboration / team members may sign only the papers that they directly worked on. Technical papers / proceedings have shorter author lists, not necessarily alphabetical. Editorial board consists of 10-15 senior scientists. Editorial board appoints review teams for each project/paper from outside the project but inside the collaboration (unless outside expertise is needed). Review team provides a written report that the project team responds to until both project and review teams are satisfied. Editorial board oversees and mediates disputes. Science team has final say on the papers readiness for submission.
ACT Publication Policy Talk materials must be approved (e.g. by consensus during a telecon). Talks must be announced and slides posted to collaboration wiki.
PB Publication Policy
DESI Publication Policy
DES Publication Policy
LSST Publication Policy
Fermi Publication Policy
IceCube Policies

Projects proposed in science working groups (informally); WG coordinators are expected to protect against conflicts. Once approved by WG, move to plenary approval process. Once results finalized, paper outline is approved by collaboration in plenary telecon.

Two categories of paper: conference proceedings and regular papers. Conference proceeding are "X for the IceCube Collaboration". Science papers are alphabetical with one or more corresponding authors.

No tiers (except for proceedings). Full author list is everyone who has been on the collaboration for more than six months and is current or has left fewer than 18 months ago. Exceptions on a case-by-case basis and approved by collaboration board.

Publications committee of ~10 members at a variety of levels, responsible for assigning reviewers (both on- and off-committee, usually one of each) and approving papers for final submission OK from plenary telecon.

Speakers committee serves as invitation clearinghouse. Slides for international meetings must be sent out a week ahead of time. New results must be approved in a plenary telecon, otherwise no review for seminars and national (e.g. APS, AAS) meetings.