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<h3> Publication Board membership</h3>
<h3> Publication Board membership</h3>
''Kevin Huffenberger (chair)''
''Abby Crites (chair)''
''Carlo Baccigalupi''
''Carlo Baccigalupi''
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<h3>Former Board members</h3>
Kevin Huffenberger (past chair)

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Procedure for a Collaboration Project or Paper

The procedure for proposing a project is detailed in section 9.3 of the collaboration bylaws and summarized here. Any collaboration member can propose a project to an Analysis or Technical Working Group. The Working Group will develop the proposal for submission to the Science Council. The current latex template for project submission is available at: https://github.com/CMB-S4/publications-speakers-documents

The main steps in the proposal phase are:

  • Develop proposal with the appropriate working group.
  • Submit the proposal to the Science Council chairs, with a copy to the Publication Board.
  • Publication Board makes a Collaboration-wide announcement of paper, 2 week proposal comment period.
  • Science Council considers approval of the proposal.
  • If approved, commence work on project/paper.

The main steps in the review phase are:

  • Inform Publication Board when paper is ready for review.
  • Board forms review sub-committee, 3 week review comment period.
  • Publication Board considers internal review report.
  • If approved, submit for publication.

Publication Board membership

Abby Crites (chair)

Carlo Baccigalupi

Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine

Martina Gerbino

Stephen Kuhlmann

Charles Lawrence

Elena Pierpaoli

Nathan Whitehorn

Kimmy Wu

Contact: CMB-S4 Publication Board <pb@cmb-s4.org>

Collaboration Projects/Publication


Designation Title Category Proposed Approved Review Period Submitted
20-001 CMB-S4 Forecasted Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves Key paper Prior to official collaboration At collaboration inception 10 March-31 March 2020

Former Board members

Kevin Huffenberger (past chair)