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'''15:05''' Higher order corrections to CMB lensing cross correlations (Vanessa Boehm) <br />
'''15:05''' Higher order corrections to CMB lensing cross correlations (Vanessa Boehm) <br />
'''15:15''' CMB lensing on small scales (Simone Ferraro) [[File:Ferraro_s4_princeton.pdf]] <br />
'''15:15''' CMB lensing on small scales (Simone Ferraro) [[File:Ferraro_s4_princeton.pdf]] <br />
'''15:25''' kSZ cosmology without the optical depth degeneracy (Mathew Madhavacheril) <br />
'''15:25''' kSZ cosmology without the cluster optical depth degeneracy (Mathew Madhavacheril) [[File:Madhavacheril_S4kSZ_v1.pdf]] <br />
'''15:35''' Q&A
'''15:35''' Q&A

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Workshop overview

The Princeton workshop continues a successful series of meetings bringing together the CMB experimental and theoretical community to plan a coordinated, stage-4 ground-based CMB experiment. The workshop is supported by Princeton University with a generous contribution from the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics.

This meeting will focus on moving us towards the Decadal Survey and project formation. Each day will have a different flavor:

  • Thursday - Collaboration, Project and Decadal Survey Report updates and discussion
  • Friday - Broader community building ahead of the Decadal Process
  • Saturday - Parallel Science & Technical Council sessions

Meeting Info & Registration

Official Workshop Website: Registration, Participants, Hotels, Logistics.

Registration begins outside McDonnell A02 at 8 am on Thursday, 6 Sept 2018. Parking is in lot 21 (see map).

Remote Connection Information:

Meeting ID: 211 655 218

Slack channel #princeton2018 on the CMB-S4 workspace, or use https://cmb-s4.slack.com/messages/CCMNTUDC1

About This Wiki

As for previous workshops, we will use this wiki to organize the sessions, to capture the input from them, and to develop next steps. Participants are encouraged to edit the wiki directly, including uploading plots or a few slides.

Hints for formatting this wiki can be found here


Thursday September 6th

08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Welcome & Logistics (Suzanne Staggs Herman Verlinde, chair of the Physics Department) File:Logistics-pton-20180906.pdf

Status & Context
08:45 Introduction & Collaboration Update (Julian Borrill) File:Cmbs4 collaboration.pdf
09:05 DSR Update (John Carlstrom) File:DSR-Carlstrom.pdf
09:25 Project Update (Jim Yeck) File:S4 Princeton Workshop Yeck.pdf
09:45 Q&A

DSR - Science Council
10:00 Introduction (Lloyd Knox) File:DSR ScienceCouncil Princeton2018.pdf
10:15 Gravitational Waves & Inflation (Raphael Flauger) File:GWPrinceton.pdf

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Light Relics (Daniel Green & Joel Meyers) File:LightRelics Meyers Princeton S4.pdf
11:15 Neutrino Mass (Marilena Loverde & Blake Sherwin) File:S4WGNeutrinoMassReport.pdf
11:30 Dark Energy & Dark Matter (Vera Gluscevic & Nick Battaglia) File:DMDE CMBS4 Princeton2018.pdf
11:45 Galaxy Formation & Evolution (Marcelo Alvarez & Colin Hill) File:CMB-S4 Galaxy Formation and Evolution (Princeton).pdf
12:00 Legacy Catalogs (Lindsey Bleem) [here]
12:15 Q&A

12:30 Lunch & JSAC Event

DSR - Technical Council
13:30 Introduction (McMahon/Vieregg) File:TechCouncilPrinceton2018.pdf
13:45 Sites & Infrastructure (Kam Arnold, Brad Benson) Site Presentation PDF
14:00 Large Telescopes (Mike Niemack, Steve Padin) File:LargeTelescopesLargeCryostatsStatusPrincetonV2.pdf
14:15 Small Telescopes (John Kovac, Chao-Lin Kuo, Aikito Kusaka) File:SmallTelescopes Princeton Thursday slides.pdf
14:30 Detectors & Readout (Clarence Chang, Kent Irwin, Adrian Lee) File:DetectorsReadout.pdf
14:45 Data Acquisition & Control (Laura Newburgh, Nathan Whitehorn) File:S4 DAQ.pdf
15:00 Data Management (Matthew Hasselfield) File:Data management 20180906 v1.pdf
15:15 Integration & Commissioning (Kam Arnold, Bradford Benson) File:IntegrationCommissioningPrinceton2018.pdf
15:30 Options (Steve Padin) File:OptionsPrincetonV1.pdf
15:45 Q&A

16:00 Fireslides 1 File:FireSlides Thursday post.pdf

16:30 Poster Session, Cocktails & Light Dinner

Friday September 7th

08:00 Breakfast

The CMB Circa September 2018

08:30 Harmonic Overtones (Marc Kamionkowski) File:Morningmarc.pdf
08:55 On-sky performance of the CLASS Q-band telescope (John Appel) File:CLASS S4 20180907 final.pdf
09:05 SPIDER: an update, with foregrounds. Lots of them. (Bill Jones)
09:15 Current state of the BICEP/Keck instrument, data and analysis (Clem Pryke) File:BK2018.pdf
09:25 Planck 2018 and setting the stage for Stage-4 (Marius Millea) File:Planck2018.pdf
09:35 Ground, Balloon, Space Complementarity (Shaul Hanany) File:PrincetonS4 2018V2.pdf
09:50 BK-SPT3G forward plans (John Kovac) File:BK-SPT3G forward.pdf
10:05 Simons Observatory forward plans (Jo Dunkley) File:SO plans.pdf
10:20 The Big Step Up to CMB-S4 (Gil Holder) File:S4 Princeton holder.pdf

10:35 Coffee Break

Adjacent Science & Emerging Ideas

11:15 Millimeter/Submillimeter Large Telescopes and Instruments (Phil Mauskopf) File:Mauskopf princeton cmbs4.pdf
11:30 Intensity mapping meets the CMB: Complementary Cosmology across the radio spectrum (Laura Newburgh) File:2018 09 S4 IntensityMappingCMB.pdf
11:45 SPHERE-X (Jamie Bock) File:Spherex cmbs4 2018.pdf
12:00 Weak Lensing (Elisabeth Krause) [slides_here]

12:15 Group Photo & Lunch

13:15 Reionization Studies in the CMB-S4 Era (Adam Lidz)
13:30 A biased view of open questions in galaxy formation (Norm Murray) File:CMB-S4 Murray.pdf
13:45 Polarized dust foreground models from HI data (Susan Clark) File:Clark S4 ForegroundModels.pdf
14:00 Properties of the magnetized dusty interstellar medium with Planck File:Aumont Princeton CMB-S4 090718.pdf (Jonathan Aumont)

Talks From Collaboration Members

14:15 Inflationary vs. Reionization Features from Current and Future Data (Cora Dvorkin)
14:25 Stress-testing nonstandard neutrino physics with CMB-S4 (Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine) File:CMB-S4 princeton18 cyr-racine.pdf
14:35 Searching for Dark Matter Interactions in the CMB (Kimberly Boddy) File:Boddy.pdf
14:45 Foreground immune CMB lensing with shear-only reconstruction (Emmanuel Schaan) [slides]
14:55 Cosmology from cross correlating S4 lensing with photometric galaxy counts (Blake Sherwin) File:NeutrinoXCorrs.pdf
15:05 Higher order corrections to CMB lensing cross correlations (Vanessa Boehm)
15:15 CMB lensing on small scales (Simone Ferraro) File:Ferraro s4 princeton.pdf
15:25 kSZ cosmology without the cluster optical depth degeneracy (Mathew Madhavacheril) File:Madhavacheril S4kSZ v1.pdf
15:35 Q&A

15:50 Coffee Break

16:05 Fireslides 2

16:30 Wrap-Up Panel - Roger Blandford, Chris Carilli, Bonnie Fleming, George Fuller, Risa Wechsler, Matias Zaldarriaga
Contributed material for panel discussion by panelists and audience:

17:45 Next Steps & Action Items

Parallel Afternoon Session for Project Team

15:00 Charge for Decadal Survey Report Review on 12/11-13 in DC
15:30 Possible DSR Review Committee and Planning Details
16:00 Review of Overall Timeline and Boundary Conditions
16:30 Critical Issues Identified in Project Planning
17:00 Preparations/Guidance for Saturday Sessions

Saturday September 8th

08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Parallel Sessions

  • Science Council:
    • Noise & Forecasting (60 min)
    • White Paper Organization (45 min)
  • Technical Council:
    • Project Planning

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Parallel Sessions

  • Science Council
    • AWG Working Meetings
  • Technical Council
    • Project Planning (continued)

12:45 Lunch (on your own)

13:45 onwards Rooms available for breakout sessions as required