Plan for next Galactic Phase-2sims

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Phase 2: Foreground modeling update

Will generate second set of PySM maps using:

Phase-1 model = s1d1a1

Model planned to be used = s3d4a2

This has the following components:

  • Synchrotron, model = synchrotron3 (same MAMD spatial variation as ‘nominal’, but globally curved power law)
  • ThermalDust, model = dust4 (two components, using Finkbeiner/Meisner model)
  • AME/SpinningDust, model = spdust2 (2% polarized AME)

The details are all described further in Thorne et al, The effects on the global spectrum are shown in this figure:

Pysm freq.png

Next step underway is implementing Brandon Hensley’s new dust model into PySM code; Brandon and Ben are working on this.