Phi reconstruction on 02.00 sims III

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This posting is a continuation of Phi_reconstruction_on_02.00_sims and Phi_reconstruction_on_02.00_sims_II.

Phi reconstructions for the (noiseless, no foreground) 02.00 sims have been generated using a curved-sky implementation of TT quadratic estimators. The resulting phi are saved under /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/phi_recons/phi_rec_maps_ptt_lmax3000/. Note that these replace an earlier version which used to be housed in that directory and included an incorrect deconvolution of the beam. This issue has been fixed in the latest version.

As a test, we average the cross-correlation of reconstruction and input over 100 sims and compare this to the theoretical expectation. We see reasonable agreement -- up to, perhaps, a small scaling factor which we shall continue to investigate. The input phi can be found as /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/data_xx.yy/02.00/cmbs4_02_llcdm_f145_b04_ellmin30_map_2048_mc_0000.fits, etc.

Avg xcorr input x rec ptt lmax3000.pdf

The agreement is also good by eye:

Rec input comparison simid 44.png

Rec input comparison simid 93.png

The next step will be to hopefully fix the issues that have prevented us from generating polarization-based reconstructions on the curved sky.