Phi reconstruction on 02.00 sims

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Apr 29, Anton Baleato

The overarching goal is to reconstruct the lensing potential in the realistic simulations introduced in Sim map sets to demonstrate "real delensing" (02.00 and 02.09). As a first step, we reconstruct phi on the 02.00 high-res, masked, lcdm only maps using quadratic estimators as implemented in QuickLens. While we foresee soon being able to apply the full sky version of the quadratic estimators, we present here the outcome of applying their flat sky implementation on cartesian projections of the simulated maps. In particular, we show plots comparing the input lensing potential used to generate the simulations with the phi reconstructed via a quadratic estimation involving E and B fields.

Comaparison peb pmv true simid 93-1.png Comaparison peb pmv true simid 12-1.png Comaparison peb pmv true simid 18-1.png Comaparison peb pmv true simid 22-1.png Comaparison peb pmv true simid 64-1.png Comaparison peb pmv true simid 45-1.png

Input files: /project/projectdirs/cmbs4/data_xx.yy/02.00/cmbs4_02_llcdm_f145_b04_ellmin30_map_2048_mc_0000.fits, etc

Healpix format fits files containing the reconstructed phi should be available shortly (once we've figured out how to convert a numpy array to a healpy map). In the meantime, the numpy arrays are available upon request.

Next step: 1) apply full sky implementation of quadratic estimators (currently being tested) 2) cross-correlate φEB with φtrue (should be = theory Clφφ if everything is working) 3) measure the raw reconstructed φEB power spectrum to compare the noise with expectations from theory.

Longer term: include the already available realistic noise and foregrounds.