Notes from May 31 telecon on science requirements for clusters/high-ell

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Telecon on 31 May 2017

  • General information
    • CDT face-to-face meeting June 12 and 13, 2017 at NSF.
    • AAA meeting June 22, 2017
  • Fisher predictions
    • Nick and Mat will provide constraints by Friday for decoupled redshift bins, i.e., where the scaling relation parameters are independently determined in each bin (DONE).
  • Simulations
    • Argonne: maps with tSZ, CMB, extragalactic sources and uncorrelated CIB from light cones next week; correlated CIB in progress. Based on SPT-SZ noise at 90, 150 and 220 GHz (Nick's configuration for Fisher).
    • CITA: peak-patch approach. Ongoing interaction between Argonne and CITA to compare peak-patch and N-body using same initial conditions.
    • NERSC:
      • Simulation capability for all experiments.
      • Now have SO atmospheric simulations.
      • Marcelo is about to deliver a complete set of maps (CITA) with tSZ, kSZ, uncorrelated CIB, lensing for z<4.5. Frequency range: 10 - 270 GHz.
    • Discussion of simulating higher frequency channels, e.g., CCAT-prime. NERSC will do so.
    • Decided to dedicate an upcoming telecon to simulation effort; to be led by Julian.