Notes from March 28 telecon on science requirements for clusters/high-ell

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Agenda Items:

  • Merging dark energy rows
  • Simulation plan
  • Progress on measurement requirements

* Item 1: Delayed discussion to a later telecon

* Item 2:

  • Simulation plan structured around three levels:
    • L1. Analytic Fisher predictions (current state);
    • L2. Injection of clusters into simulated sky maps (elements in place; can produce results on months timescale);
    • L3. Full N-body + hydro simulations (longer term);
  • Several groups engaged: ANL, Battaglia/CITA, Paris, SLAC.
  • Will see how to merge with simulation effort at low-ell; levels 2 and 3 above could provide inputs for mock sky maps.
  • Item 3:
    • First pass on measurement requirements with numbers TBC by simulations at level 2.
    • Will specify requirements in terms of sky coverage, angular resolution, sensitivity and frequency bands.
    • Opinion expressed that nu>220 bands will be necessary. Study required with simulations at level 2.


  • Need to close loop on z binning for sigma8(z) requirement (Mat, Nick)