Notes from April 5 telecon on science requirements for clusters/high-ell

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Agenda Items:

  • Progress on measurement requirements
  • Merging dark energy rows in Science Traceability Matrix (STM): in particular CMB lensing cross-correlation with tracers for tomographic reconstruction
  • Simulation plan

* Item 1: No updates

* Item 2:

  • The CDT brought up tomographic reconstruction by cross-correlating the CMB lensing map with tracers (e.g., galaxies) to measure sigma8(z) - dark energy, neutrino mass, etc. This falls into the STM category of dark energy and probably needs to be merged with our cluster sigma8(z). It was noted that cross-correlation tomography will likely not drive measurement requirements as much as the clusters.
  • It was pointed out that we should be more explicit about the need to overlap CMB-S4 sky coverage with LSST, DESI, WFIRST, etc. To us this seems obvious, but it's worth repeating.

* Item 3:

  • Peak-patch approach: it was noted that in this approach the objects are inserted as spherical profiles. This may be problematic for studies of systematics related to correlations between selection criteria and measurements, such as mass measurements for calibration of the scaling relation. Systematics related to correlations have been raised a number of times on the CDT, so we will need to address them.
  • Full N-body: Argonne has produced full-sky maps of tSZ and kSZ, and published them with halo catalogs.


  • Need to close loop on z binning for sigma8(z) requirement (Mat, Nick). STILL OPEN