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This is the start page for the CMB-S4 wiki

CMB-S4 Science Book

The purpose of Science Book is to set the scientific goals for CMB-S4 and (eventually) the instrumental configuration required to achieve them. This is of course an iterative process, involving detailed simulations as well as cost considerations. So, at this time the Science Book is a working document with this first iteration focused primarily on defining the possible science reach in several areas, along with the simulations needed to refine science case and set the specifications of the needed measurements. This will set the stage for defining the instrument in the next iteration of the Science Book.

Please send comments on the current draft of the Science Book to the email contact listed at the beginning of each chapter, or post general comments here: CMB-S4 Science Book Comments.

CMB-S4 Science Book working draft dated May 17, 2016: File:Cmbs4 scibook 160517.pdf


CMB-S4 Presentations:

File:CarlstromCMB-S4 AAAC 160128.pdf "CMB-S4 Update" presentation to the Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (AAAC) January 28, 2016. Keynote version available from J. Carlstrom

Simulation Products and Forecasting:

Logbooks and Notes