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Executive Team Statement on Racial Justice

We, the Executive Team of the CMB-S4 Science Collaboration, recognize the particular pain and anguish inflicted upon Black people, including our colleagues, by the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery - only the latest in a shameful litany. We further recognize the impact of these events on all communities for whom the threat of such violence is part of the fabric of daily life.

We affirm our collaboration’s commitment to racial justice, and unequivocally assert that Black lives matter. We recognize that we live in an institutionally racist society, and that white people have a particular responsibility to work to change this. We acknowledge that we, both as white individuals and as the Executive Team of a predominantly white collaboration, have fallen short in these endeavors to date.

We recognize that our collaboration must strengthen its commitment to diversity as an asset and inclusion as a right. We understand that although words can be powerful, they are not enough without persistent, ongoing action. We call on all members of the collaboration who are in positions of privilege to listen to and support your colleagues, and to advocate and act for meaningful change. We further call on the creativity of the whole collaboration to find effective ways of fighting racism and increasing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability within our collaboration, our institutions, our field, and society at large.

We will dedicate a plenary session at the August collaboration meeting to issues of racial justice and our collaboration’s response to them, and we welcome all suggestions from members for ways our collaboration can take action.

Julian Borrill, John Carlstrom, Abby Crites, Gil Holder, Kevin Huffenberger, Lloyd Knox, Jeff McMahon, Joel Meyers, John Ruhl, Abby Vieregg


The collaboration co-spokespeople - currently Julian Borrill and John Carlstrom - can be emailed at spokespeople at cmb-s4 dot org. Please contact us with any ideas, questions, compliments or complaints.


Our collaboration's administrative structure is defined in the bylaws and illustrated in the org chart.

The current and previous versions of the bylaws are available here:

Each body has its own wiki space to advertise and record its activities.

Science & Technical Councils

The Science and Technical Councils coordinate the activities of the Analysis and Technical Working Groups respectively.

Working group pages are under their Council; the simulation and forecasting logbook is common to all working groups.


We have two ombudspeople - currently Renée Hložek and Greg Tucker - who can provide informal, confidential, nonjudgmental, impartial, and independent advice, and can arrange mediation for CMB-S4 members for the purposes of dispute resolution. They can be contacted at ombudspeople at cmb-s4 dot org.


Current Membership List

To apply for membership or request a change in status, please submit a membership application/change of status form.

Alternatively, if you would like to be kept up to date with CMB-S4 news without becoming a member, please sign-up to the "friends" mailing list.

Collaboration Projects

The project proposal process is details in section 9.3 of the bylaws. Any Collaboration member may propose a Collaboration research project to an appropriate Analysis Working Group or Technical Working Group, as work that is intended to result in a journal publication after a fixed term, or a small set of related publications.

The current latex template for project submission is available here.

Mailing Lists

Working group mailing lists are open to any member of the collaboration.

Each administrative body also has its own mailing list. These are primarily for internal communication between the body's members, but any member of the collaboration can also post to the list to address the full body. They are all of the form xyz at cmb-s4 dot org where xyz is the acronym of the body's name as given above (for example, et for the Executive Team or evc for the Election & Voting Commission).

If you have any problems with the mailing lists please contact the spokespeople.

Calendar & Telecon Lines

Our google calendar is used to advertise meetings and conference calls, and to reserve one of the two CMB-S4 uberconference lines - cmbs4a (+1-866-578-4799 or +1-480-999-2448) and cmbs4b (+1-866-554-6782 or +1-301-264-6489). Please first check the line you want to use is available, and then include it in your calendar entry.

Contact Zeesh Ahmed for permission to add events to the calendar.

Note that, as embedded here, the calendar displays all events in Pacific time.

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We hold bi-annual workshops, typically alternating between a University and a National Laboratory. The next workshop will be at Berkeley Lab, March 30th - April 1st 2020, and the following one at the University of Chicago, provisionally August 10th - 14th 2020. Presentations and notes are kept for each workshop on the wiki pages below:


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