LBNL-2020: Testing Facilities

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  • Present an overall testing plan
    • 1st, for 2020/2021 prototype wafers,
    • Longer term plans (should include optics tube testing)
    • Are any setups doing both readout and detector testing, or is it going to be all separate? Present/develop plan for getting enough capacity, and uniformity/consistency of testing setups.
  • Plan schedule of design reviews for these subsystems needed before CD1


  • CDFG R&D Testing: (TBC: Adam Anderson: 10-min)
    • Requirements and scope of testing needed.
    • Testing requirements:

  • R&D and Prototype Testbeds (Brad Benson: 15-min)
    • Testbed plan, scope, and schedule
    • Relationship with readout down-select
    • Test equipment needs: cold-loads, choppers, lenses, c
  • Optics Tube Testing (Katie Harrington: 15-min)
    • Optics tube testing needs.
    • Balance of warm and cold testings.
    • Integrated testing with detectors.
    • Lessons learned from SO.
  • Long-term testing plan through production (Brad Benson: 20-min)
    • Prototype detector testbeds
    • Optics tube testers: Dedicated LAT optics tube testers, SAT cryostats
    • Production test cryostats
    • Test equipment needs
    • Plan ahead of August Review and ahead of CD-1